The Centre for Narendra Modi Studies (CNMS) is an India based global think-tank set up with the collaborative efforts of leading security experts, educators, civil servants and philanthropists under the aegis of the NaMo Kendra ‘नमो केंद्र’. The CNMS’ objective is to become a centre of excellence to kick start innovative ideas and thoughts that can lead to a stronger, secure and prosperous country, playing its destined role in global affairs.
Shri Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the architect of New India. The purpose of the Centre is to organise programmes on the theme of life, thoughts and achievements of Narendra Modi as well as on subjects like New India, Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwaas aur Sabka Prayas, Indian democracy, nationalism, Indian’s foreign policy and India’s economic development. The CNMS aims to organise a seminar on Narendra Modi Model of governance after seventy-five years of India’s Independence and seventy years of the Indian Constitution besides organising a number of workshops for college students, research scholars and teachers.
From the next academic year, the CNMS plans to introduce a few short term workshop’s on New India & Aatmanirbhar Bharat, India’s freedom movement and Indian democracy in the light of current problems. The Centre may introduce a few inter-disciplinary courses in the present scheme of the Credit System. The CNMS plans to bring out a number of publications on themes relevant to contemporary times.
Historically, India has been a hub of knowledge and wisdom for ages. This knowledge reservoir can be seen and read in the form of Vedas, Panchatantra and numerous treatises on medicine, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, logic, etc. which bear testimony to the power of the nation called India. Some of the oldest languages of the world are spoken in the country. All this indicates that India as a nation has the capacity to lead the world as innovative ideas may emerge from this fountainhead of the classical reservoir which will certainly illuminate the world.