Narendra Modi: symbolises an ideology, a perspective and a thought

(The sun gives light to the world without soliciting. The moon illuminates the lily without asking. No one asks, still the clouds produce rain. Similarly, a sage-hearted man is always ready to help others without show-off.)


As this saying is centuries-old, similarly the man who fits the bill is borne rarely in centuries. His motto in life remains self-less service and accordingly, his sole aim is to continuously work for the welfare of the country, society, and humanity without caring what others think and come what may. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is such a man. He is a statesman whose philosophy, thought and work has made him a global icon. His broad vision is married with his tireless efforts and has energised India to achieve the breakthrough and play a lead role on various fronts. With his seamless energy and vigour, he is busy constructing the grand structure upon the strong foundation that he laid during his first tenure for the overall development of the country. The kind of energy and confidence that Narendra Modi oozes while accepting the emerging challenges of national and international character in a vast, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural country like India, makes him a statesman par excellence and extra-ordinary.

During his journey from the chief-ministership of Gujarat to become the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has surprised world leaders on several occasions with his work strategy, clarity of thought and bold actions. His decisions, over several thousand speeches, more than a hundred purposeful national and international visits prove his incredible vision and impeccable work ethic. His popularity and acceptability across various nations and international forums reflect his leadership acumen. Despite several hurdles and apposition, even his detractors covertly accept his decisions, although it may not seem plausible for them to accept it overtly due to the political expediency.

Therefore, it is the need of the hour to document and propagate Modi’s thoughts and philosophy for the current and coming generations, as his able leadership and charismatic persona are leaving an indelible mark globally.

Narendra Modi’s work and strategic conduct is not only a matter of discussion and debate at the national and international level but it is the core of several books, write-ups, films and documentaries. He has been bestowed with multiple national and international honours, and many more are in the offing. With this development in view, for a long time, I was thinking to establish a non-governmental institute. After due diligence, and discussions with intellectuals, the Centre for Narendra Modi Studies (CNMS) has been established in this regard. It will not only cover extensive research on Narendra Modi’s thought and philosophy but shall also publish books, conduct workshops, organise symposia and seminars and hold debates and discussions. It is heartening to note that the foundation of the Centre was laid on the 70th Birthday of Shri Narendra Modi to celebrate the memorable moments.

It is a social movement with a broader vision in which nationally and internationally acclaimed intellectuals, civil servants, artists, academicians, social workers, academic establishments etc. will be part of this journey. Let us come together, join the movement of the Centre for Narendra Modi Studies (CNMS) and play an active role in its multi-dimensional activities.